Clarity Report For Single Men to Help Dissolve Years of Frustration With Attraction, Dating Women & Sex
Today there are more evolved, beautiful, sexy, intelligent and single women than ever before in history.  Wouldn't it be a shame for you to be suffering with all of the beauty and abundance around you?

I think so; but in order to take you from the subjective experience of where you are right now (where hotter women AREN'T consistently into you, you're ignored, rejected, self-doubting and all the pressure is on you to 'force' approach) - to where you want to be in your experience with more and hotter women instantly and even effortlessly

>> So that you can successfully and consensually connect, kiss, make out, date, enjoy, sleep with, cavort and love more attractive women (or just 1) that WANT to be with you (and even subtly compete for you) while being a more naturally powerful man of integrity (like my top clients) -

We have to make a big change

We have to have
  1. Clarity
  2. Awareness that you can verify                                                                     &
  3. A transformational process for embodiment and results that you experience are real - not just 'knowing more stuff'
And ideally all without imitating, modeling, 'acting' more confident than you are or 'faking it til' you make it' because that stuff can go out the window the instant you're around a hot woman - no matter how self-developed you are.

On this page, I'm going to reveal that invaluable and time-less 'transformational-on-its-own' shift so it's nice 'n clear.

Then I'll help you with some more life and lifestyle-changing insight with it for free and then; whether you'd like to continue to invest in yourself with me to enact this at a rapid-a-pace-as-possible for embodiment, will be up to you.  And I'm here to answer any questions about that.

Fortunately, I know it's a change you can make and it begins with a simple paradigm shift of clarity on sexual attraction and verifiably how things actually work with real women (which can EASILY get skewed, warped and lost in the world of 'sex sells' advertising and advice).
To keep things simple; let's focus on reality with women offline instead of dealing with online dating dynamics (although attraction starts online and then becomes physical and confirmed offline) so it's all still the same.

  So let's dive in shall we?

If you've read the 'Get Sexual Attraction' PDF on the Get Sexual Attraction mailing list as part of (Your Sexy Chi), we covered that

The universal secret to sexual attraction and dating success is that a woman has to be into YOU

                              That's when it works; when SHE feels attraction > FOR YOU.
And when she ISN'T into you - things DON'T WORK

Just think back to your past successful relationships to (almost eerily) confirm it! 

Brent Smith has talked to 1000s of women to confirm this, women will tell you, J.Lo sings about it and it's just how it is.

It's always the same dynamic; no matter his social status or looks - the woman has to be into the man and feel attraction for HIM (Romance novels are all 'bout that sh*t too;!)

But as men, if a woman we desire isn't into us - we don't want to face what that could actually mean b/c of our ego and pride; so we hesitate to embrace that greater reality of attraction because it seems 'out of our control' (and we're afraid we might be sentenced to settling for less - which is ironically also with women who are 'into us').

Our thought is; "there MUST be some other way I can get HER interested, b/c I'm sure as hell not satisfied being resigned to failure".

Hmmm..maybe we could just buy into the fantasy that is sold to us instead where at least we feel validated and appreciated!

Yet, this timeless sexual attraction LAW (you could even say) still stands and it's true at the highest levels fame aside. (Irina Shayk is INTO Christiano Ronaldo - Gisele is INTO Tom Brady);
When a woman is into you, everything works (and can work). 

And in powerful respect FOR women, that trumps anything and everything an mPUA ever said.

And I think that's what you really just want - like an Alpha male (instead of Beta male gamer).

But when she ISN'T into you and doesn't feel real sexual attraction and response; that's effectively when NOTHING works and she's not responding. 

Then, you can have all kinds of painful, 'endless' unworthiness and anxiety issues, doubt, hesitance and dysfunctional cycles can exist for you as you sub-consciously attract MORE rejection and disinterest from women even more shittiness and apathy into your life without ever knowing WHY - even if you're a great catch in other areas.

And with today's women more confident and sexier than ever (and both knowing and owning of it)

your self-esteem may be precarious or hesitant around them or just entirely disconnected and irrelevant.  
You could be suffering from the 7 attraction oversights brought up in the original PDF download on

And maybe you've discovered that drawing into yourself and being passive around women who aren't into you (to prevent risk of rejection) while you keep improving yourself in other areas hasn't helped you here either.

Attraction shouldn't be a 1-way street with you running into walls where all of the pressure and risk of rejection seems ENTIRELY on you.  What's UP?!

            And yet however you look at it; it all still comes down to her being into you.

Since PUA's aren't getting this attraction from women, they try to coerce and force something that isn't there and it rarely 'works' and when they do 'succeed' it wasn't even because of their game anyways - it's b/c of the secret coming up.

And even if you're technically doing the right things socially to meet women and give them opportunities without trying to trick her state; independent and attractive women may STILL not be giving you natural flirting signs or following up with you.

You may even have a good interpersonal rapport with a woman and it seemed to go well, but she may not follow-up or get physical with you and it can drive you into confusion, resentment or self-doubt.

So how on earth can things just work?!  I was confounded for years.
Let's just bask in it for a bit.

Yet again; just look at your past successful relationships and you will find this is true (even if she wasn't at the level you wanted); even if you didn't know WHY - she felt attraction for you even in spite of the other things you were doing.

By now you probably feel that doing more of what doesn't work, going against her intuition and enduring ongoing rejection isn't the solution (in dire hopes of the 1% you can convince her otherwise).  It can be so frustrating that

You may start to question everything

I improved myself for years becoming a better man yet it only made things worse when I was in dry spells; I was the man a lot of them SAID they wanted but didn't actually respond to. 

But like me then, you too probably DON'T want to settle.

And even though it SOUNDS like the thing to be doing; it doesn't even matter HOW many women you approach or meet if they never feel attraction for you.  In fact, it can make life HELLA WORSE. 

       The toll on your devastated self-esteem and loss of time?  Unfathomable!

I had one client in Europe who (before he came to me) said he had approached 4000 women and had like 1 kiss to show for it.  He had studied from the most popular PUA styles.


Why and how on earth can you be GREAT in some other areas of life and yet higher quality women still aren't consistently into you so things can just work? 

I mean you really start thinking; 'maybe if I WAS famous - then they'd be into me and I'd get the chicks', maybe when I get a bigger body, etc.

Well..let's unravel the bigger picture and a major transformational leverage point RIGHT NOW that may absolutely change your life.

Unfortunately, the online dating & seduction industry (AND mainstream commercial advertising, men's magazines, pop culture and media for men) with rare exception are selling you on YOUR desires and fantasies for women which is NOT how reality actually works with women. 
Simultaneously they're selling women on what women want with steamy  romance novels and Cosmo and all these other 'digital' relationships are formed because it appeals to what we each really want.

So you want to look at this to see if it's true in your life because this is one of your big leverage points for instant change - otherwise it could continue making your reality with women an unescapable cycle. 

Digital fantasy is mixed with physical reality

And your sub-conscious and orgasmic energy can't tell the difference.  Digital media is SO pervasive that even consciously we can be confused as to 'what is real'.

What's scary is that the power of media can absolutely affect your state, beliefs and alter your sexual consciousness and reality; it's just 'non-physical' yet feels just as real or 'even better than the real thing'. 

Most of your knowing of Sex is meta-physical.  You're not actually 'with' women.  And this is MASSIVE commercial industry and marketing.
Ironically; attraction and consensual sexual intercourse between adults is actually 'free' and commercially-free; but other than condoms, that's when 'they' can't directly profit
And since subconsciously triggering you and 'selling you on your desires for sex and women' is ~99.6% of what's out there and embedded into media and pop culture; it's hard to differentiate things and see the big picture anymore in our digitally integrated lives (and one where our sub-conscious can't really tell the difference between physical orgasmic sex and fantasy orgasmic sensations).

So you subconsciously keep being driven and attracting what feels good; and the FANTASY of women and sex feels better than the PHYSICAL reality of them rejecting you and what it could mean about who you really are.
I mean, what would it mean to be aware that you were a pawn in the matrix?  Well...liberating if you're ready to regain your power back.  But others don't want to hear it b/c of the years invested in it that they have.

So here's a most elusive of the elusively obvious which has everything to do with changing your subjective reality from Beta to Alpha;

You continue to be driven by pleasure and YOUR feelings and desires for women

And the irony again is that's not how physical attraction with women works where we already covered that it's all about HER being into YOU.

You want her body?  So WHAT?!  Join the club.  What's in it for HER?  And actually, the MORE you want her, the more of a chance she's going to be creeped out anyways.  Non-commercially she has to feel something for you - for even the possibility of 'letting you in'.

I'd say you may have a very deep values conflict here that has possibly been OWNING you that we're now making conscious.  It's affecting everything with you and women.  You're buying what feels good.
Here's a Jedi thing;...look at the women who you were clearly into more - it didn't work out with them, did it? hmm...

You want to look at where and how you're supporting what doesn't work with women (buying into YOUR desires more than allowing hers - online, media, p*rn, fantasy, products, etc.).

The danger is you'll fall for anything that sounds close to what you really want to hear like;

'Take this pheromone pill or say these 3 words and she'll instantly bend over as you lift her miniskirt so you can bang 'bang her' hot body from behind

Now if that felt GOOD to you - you've really got a problem.

And, you're not the one who has 'the power'.  Remember Dr. Pavlov and the dog that was conditioned to salivate at the sound of a 'bell' through association to sizzling food?

Yeah, you're THAT dog in a matrix constructed reality (That was tastefully direct wasn't it?)  I was that dog too (b/c of the type of relationship). 
And you're OWNED b/c someone else is manipulating your desires while you're unconscious to what is REALLY going on.  You could call it 'the social matrix' and it's all a sexual illusion (nor is it how the natural process of consensual seduction occurs)! 

By women dressing hotter and hotter and having more social power they're buying into the fantasy as well - but it's not based on real connection.  You still have to be 'the man'.
A MIX of fantasy and reality is ok in our digitally connected world.  A truly powerful man can have and be inspired by BOTH. But hey - call it like it is - when it OWNS YOU and you don't have REAL confidence around REAL women you want, then it's an issue if you really wanna change.
And because you're driven by that desire to feel good and are 'cause and effect' triggered (kinda like a marionette on strings) it becomes uncontrollable and irresistible for you so you have to 'act' and to 'buy'. 

And you actually attract sex VERY well;

- just the fantasy of it.

Because your subconscious believes and feels that it is real.

And you're blinded by what is real anymore.  Fantasy sex attracts more fantasy sex so when you're with women physically, your subconscious sex drive says and sub-communicates a variation of;
  • "Hi, damn you're hot and I'm sh&tstorm nervous b/c my subconscious owns me but instead of getting closer with you where it might actually lead somewhere, right now I'd rather be where I'm very competent with Rosy Palmer and some tissue  - we're very happy together fantasizing about your azz and I'm looking forward to getting away from you to get there very fast - then I'll look at more products to buy that will make me more bought into the matrix to further fuel my own desires to get something from you"

Yes - by default sex in advertising IS manipulative

Because of the standard relationship most people have with sex in media.  They're not even aware of the sub-conscious relationship they have with it which is keeping them from confidence with beautiful women.

Media is affecting you on the sub-conscious level and programming you BUT you are still accountable and responsible.  If you can change it, you have a LOT of power instantly.

This cycle is all DRIVEN because you care more about how YOU feel for her than she does for you (and how things actually just WORK with women). 

Let me say that again in an educated guess;

You probably care more about how you feel for HER than she does for you

And yet, that's still not how it works.  Much of pop media and social culture further sells you on the selfishness (including love song lyrics, etc.)
And we're just talking sex drive (the same dynamic is effectively true with heart and emotion for women which is largely its own world of neediness from a woman's perspective). 

When HER heart or body is into you, things can work but if you value YOUR feelings more than what works for both of you - it can end up bringing great self-torture upon yourself.

She just has to be into you ENOUGH for it to work (regardless of your level of love or sex desire for her).

Even if she has massive social currency (which you believe is sexual), SHE still has to feel attraction for YOU regardless of your feelings for her or what level they're at.

There's more to it but when you change your values of sex subconsciously you will entirely change what you attract and manifest 'as sex'.
Sex = bad boy
Sex = fame
Sex = masturbating to porn

All of these subconscious values are preventing real attraction with real women and are the source of your anxiety.

    Fascinating isn't it?

Yet you're still being driven by wanting to feel good (and what your subconscious and body values as 'sex'). 

'They' love catering to that desire whether it actually gets you what you consciously want or not.

So is this giving you more awareness as to what dynamic you've maybe been allowing to be conditioned?

Yes - you've been allowing it - because if you're the victim, you wouldn't have the power to ultimately change it.

Well, women want to feel good too and it's not even about your looks or status; it's about how they FEEL around you.  You can reference 'Beauty and the Beast'.

                  SHE has to be into you or it's not going anywhere.

Sex sells, Mr. Beast.  So let's just rub it in a little more for more clarity and insight.
That tasty buxom blonde licking her lips in that ad with all that skin showin'- ooh it sure feel that she into you bwoi!  Look how she lookin at-chu! (Insert your own fantasy image)

Damn - it feel good again!  At least with fantasy you ain't getting rejected son! 

She's not telling you to 'go away' or to 'get lost' so your sex energy continues to flow and attract in THAT direction of attraction; the path of least resistance (that new product with her associated with it).

But unless you live in a reality of attraction from 'hotter' physical women, you still have a problem because it doesn't lead to the real thing (in flesh).

Sure, it makes you FEEL good to be 'into women' (solo mastu&bation and fantasizing about hot women), but it's not actually giving you confidence, attraction and connection with real women (in the flesh) so your anxiety, self-doubt and even apathy remains on a deeper level.

And the hotter women you probably want remain on a pedestal entirely 'out of touch' even when you're very close to them physically (because your subconscious which is driving you feels and values sex as something else).

It's a DIS-connect with women

Your fantasies for women are a 1-way street to friend-zone, p%rn, the strip club and more products, yoga pant photos, outlets, cycles and byproducts of your sexual and emotional desires instead of actual CONNECTION.  

So you want to be aware of how much of that is your reality.

So unless you make a bigger change on the larger scale of what's REALLY going on from a position of POWER, nothing you try or do within the world and dynamic of you wanting women MORE is really going to work b/c you're being owned and controlled on a deeper level by the sexual dynamic of what doesn't work. 

Doing more of it, taking more 'action' or seeking other superficial solutions (which don't actually lead to a woman naturally being instantly into you more) might finally seem delusional when you get some perspective on the matrix (and your own non-conscious values of sex and attraction).

Again; the HOTTER your desires are for a woman and her beauty and body, the more likely you'll creep her out anyways because it's actually about HER - not you.

She doesn't CARE that you (and countless others) want something from her - PLUS there isn't even space for her to feel attraction anyways. 

You can't hide this stuff; she already knows before you approach or speak and you especially can't fool the hottest, prettiest or most powerful ones.  They are PROFESSIONALS at reading men; they have to be.

Might it finally just be time for a META re-frame of your reality with women so that the sharpest of them can open up to you instead of roll their eyes or avoid you?

I'd gander all of this above is a large majority of why you've been struggling all these years and have anxiety around hotter women who remain NOT into you.
If hotter real women on that pedestal RIGHT NOW were just authentically INTO YOU all of your fear and anxiety of them being on a pedestal would disappear FAST even if you've conditioned fantasy sex for years.

So back on point with the physical reality of sex; what works with sexual attraction and dating with hotter (and all) free-willed women is that women just gotta be into YOU

She only opens up to men or a man she feels attraction for (if you value sexual relationships). 
This is what they want and dream about, read about, sing about and write about too.

Her being into you enough to get things started at least is when things work as the universal truth with free-willed women - no matter what kind of dating lifestyle or personal expression you have. 

And it's not something you can trick or convince her into.  David DeAngelo called it 'attraction isn't a choice'.

Attraction for you is not her CONSCIOUS's a sub-conscious one.

It's something she knows intuitively when she first meets and 'feels you' within 5 seconds and you can't convince her otherwise once she has made this decision about you. 
*Apparently the seduction industry still didn't get that memo. 
The GOOD news is that;

When women are into you, the world is your oyster and you live in an entirely different reality.

When they're into you; they're flirting, blushing, laughing, finding cute reasons to get with you, giving you their real number, texting you, showing up, getting consensually physical, helping you to succeed with them, dating becomes fun and you only have to focus on logistics instead of game, you don't worry about what to say, you can be yourself, girls are expressing their interest and delight in countless subtle ways, you get all kinds of interest and signs, wanting to be with you more, bragging to her girlfriends about you, buying you things, and did I mention sex?, ALL the good stuff, creating memories together, etc.

When confident, healthy attractive women are into you when you just SHOW UP, you're not even nervous or worried.  You're confident, plus more and more other women are also into you. 
OR do you want her to be like; "Yeah he was kinda creepy and ran a DHV/Neg flipping spin push-pull on me but he was so relentless I finally gave in and regret it - eww"-kinda guy?

It's a DIFFERENT cycle than the one you're maybe on now, but when HOTTER women are into you, it gives you more confidence and you carry that vibe and knowing with you.

(Hard to picture it?  Just visualize yourself at a Freshman mathletes contest - where oh say Unibrow is smiling at you).

Connection, making out and sleeping with women reinforces that knowing and dynamic with women.
And don't you feel confident when a good-looking woman is into you?  Yes!  

Then, there's no TIME for game or self-doubt because things JUST WORK - (with your light and carefree facilitation and leadership) - when she is flirting, receptive and responsive with you.  It's that dynamic that works.

Sure it may not yet be with the level of women you WANT - but that's what we're getting to.

When it works; it's based on connection with you instead of you trying to trick her intuition into liking you when she already didn't.
"But how can I be that confident when women around me obviously AREN'T into me? (I don't want to be faking it)" - you may be wondering.

That's what we're also getting to.
So: Women into you?  You're good (unless you then do things to screw it up - but the more she's into you, the more freedom you'll have there).

  Dates, options, abundance - it just works and works for both parties.

But - OH! When women AREN'T into you!

Without actually having a woman into you of her own free will within the first 5 seconds she meets you;
  •   You think it's something more (or else) that you have to do
  •   You think you have to 'game' 100s of women through blind luck, trial and error
  •   You suffer unworthiness that you're not good enough
  •   You feel you have to impress her, be funny or be a dancing monkey-like PUA to make up for your lack of presence in the awkwardness of your unworthiness
  •   You try to subvertly hide your nervous anxiety hoping she won't notice (but her body already did)
  •   You try and memorize pick-up lines, 34 step routines or something catchy without it sounding forced (a natural like me balks at this stuff)
  •   You're caught in your head running through different scenarios and you've already missed your chance with her b/c you weren't actually 'there'
  •   You may court her, chase her, pursue her, try to change her mind and win her over
  •   It seems like you're trying too hard when she's just not into you
  •   Women don't text, call or follow-up; they flake
  •   You may be sentenced to the friendzone while she'll still go for a man she feels attraction for (and tell you all about it)
  •   You may resent women for not being into you while still wanting something from them (and they still pick up your unconscious resentment so it further works against you)
  •   You try to convince her you're the logical choice
  •   You may come across as desperate and pathetic in some cases esp. if you're pushing against her free-will
  • You do more Natural Grounding which is starting to 'work' with more natural women but you're somehow still stuck with the hotter ones
  •   You try to fool her intuition which already rejected you by gaming and manipulating her (so you can get your own selfish outcome)
  •   You stop even taking chances because women aren't showing interest and you don't want to risk rejection; you draw inside yourself and stay passive for years with the women you like
  •   You continue saying you're too good of a catch to have to chase women but they just remain in their own world while you keep developing yourself hoping they'll indirectly notice
  • You're hesitant on how to get physical when you ARE with a woman b/c you're not sure if she's into you
  •   You spend money to indirectly impress women (fashion, car, accessories, etc.)
  •   You redirect the negative energy and lack of success with women into improving and becoming great in other areas (hoping that will still get women into you)
  •   You continue living as confused, frustrated, unworthy, apathetic and even depressed with a 'fate' to settle for far less
  •   You continue getting uncontrollable signs of anxiety around the women you really want and they'll never be into you like that, etc.
  •   The cycle continues for years as you keep buying into the fantasy and what feels good about what YOU want from women (sex) instead of becoming the man they can just feel sexual attraction for
  •   You remain an non-conscious incompetent with hotter women - in the dark and clueless as to why they don't feel anything for you and things never work so your desire to 'get' them increases
  •   You believe that maybe you CAN coerce her intuition like (if you're around PUA propaganda and their beliefs enough)
  •   You face great invisible walls and barriers internally and with women that are difficult to keep forcing through
  •   You stack on deeper inner game and question your own worthiness and it affects your entire life
  •   You can have very long dry spells without sex or connection from women
  •   You settle for less (ironically a woman who is 'into you')
  •   You continue having anxiety around the women you really want and keep screwing things up b/c you REALLY value it and want something so much
  •   You're envious of naturals and bad boys b/c at least they're having sex even though you're the better logical choice
  •   You keep seeking other solutions which at best improve things a little bit but you're still stuck in the cycle
  • (Plus any of your other experiences; the list goes on - you get the point!)

...All when a woman ISN'T INTO YOU of her own free-will!

What if the years of pain and the cycle that's keeping you from success with women could just STOP?

  It can.  It can even stop starting right now.

If you can make the liberating and empowered choice (like right NOW) that you would rather have women into YOU (which is the reality of desired, wanted, alpha men) MORE THAN continuing to value your feelings for being 'into WOMEN'...

Then you're at a point where you can make a big change and start stepping into an experience of effortless natural attraction with more and more beautiful women as enormous pressure is relieved.

And the sooner you can stop resisting that and start actually VALUING and loving the dynamic of women being into YOU; the more it will SAVE YOU from suffering and it will

Open the world of women up to you

What if you could just submit your ego to that effective dating truth and bask in the space of valuing women being into you (even though your body still wants to pursue fantasy)? 

(You don't have to do this right now but); What if you could maybe let go of all your selfish (bit' creepin') desires to get something from her no matter how powerful they are?  Could hotter women maybe finally trust you more and be cool with you for starters?  Yeah.

And what if you could choose to stop the cause and effect/program-conditioning cycle that leads to nowhere with you being triggered again into your selfish fantasies for her (largely as a conditioned response to sex in advertising and when you're around her hot body?

Then - everything can start to instantly change. 

You can't resolve it from within the Matrix - that's the entire illusion and delusion!
"Rion is your Morpheus.." - Carlos Xuma

Because if it's just about you and your feelings; you're just chasing illusion, sold into illusion and creating your own cycle of doom while continuing to value and empower it while those women remain 'above' you on a social pedestal and disconnected sexually from you.

Until you change this, how can you consistently expect a new result?  Why do you think all the stuff you studied barely really works?

And when you meet women like that, your conditioned sexual desire to 'get something' from her is coming across strong on the non-conscious level to her because you really only care about your feelings for her instead of being the man she instantly feels attraction for where you can then receive it.

She remains powerful while you remain irrelevant and unworthy no MATTER how much self improvement you do or how you try to impress her. 
You being into women (on a level of NEEDING them) basically attracts FANTASY.

And you keep chasing that which caters to YOUR sexual feelings and desires on levels beyond your conscious control or awareness.  And there may be OTHER deeply embedded conditioned programs and dysfunctional relationships you have but that is a primary one that is stopping men from real attraction and results in connection with more beautiful women.

"Forget this, I'm going to leave this page to chase women b/c I want to bang some hot chicks"

It doesn't matter what you want in the reality of sexual attraction.  You can want it or not but what matters is what she wants/feels.

Want to sleep with women and have more sex?  So do most other men and she doesn't respond to most other men.  It's not that approaching women is wrong, it's the underlying dynamic itself.  And PUA's torture themselves pushing through that invisible 'cement' wall suffering continual rejection b/c they believe in the illusion.

Once you're aware of the cycle, it'll give you perspective.  The cycle is designed to trigger you back into your feelings for women and b/c it's so powerful and sexual, you'll throw out all logic.

Remember; TONS of men complicit in 'the machine' also 'want her' sex while objectifying her yoga pants (not that there's anything wrong with that) BUT it doesn't mean she's going to get with them; there's nothing in it for her as far as connection with a real man.
I'm not asking you to 'let go' of your desire for sex, but to SERIOUSLY consider re-prioritizing them so you can finally be in natural alignment for success in the physical reality with women (hey - it's YOUR sex life).  I'm actually about empowering sex.
Even if she's sexy as hell, when you respect that it's about HER to start it (in response to you vs. you being triggered into the illusion) for things to get real, your energy, vibe and power can start a major shift with women for attraction and carefreeness.  Then you can start receiving from women instead of chasing them (away).

You can operate outside of the matrix while living in it.

Most pick-up artists are deluded in the matrix (instead of nature and what works), they seem to refuse and resist anything like this, thus they bring upon their own suffering. 

They are perpetually chasing the fantasy and it keeps deluding them.  They VALUE the fantasy more deeply than how things work in reality.  You don't have to live in the delusion anymore in any case from here forward.

But if you don't wanna believe this, then I don't think I can help you and you've really been run a number by the Matrix and the PUA seduction industry or sex in advertising.  You're at RISK of falling back under their spell - why? 

Because they're still stuck in the Matrix and will tell you what you and your desires want to hear. 

And unfortunately the seduction industry hasn't evolved yet b/c they keep 'selling what sells' which is more about the idea and fantasy of it all than real connection.

Not everyone becomes a Neo

..nor has that level of power and respect with Western women.

If you value real relationships - can you respect that she really has a lot of power to select you simply by how she responds?

There are biological reasons why she has to be more selective to be 'into you' to open up (vs. your 'sowing of seeds to the wind outlook' hoping for a crop failure).
"Yeah but I swore I saw that mPUA making out with a pretty hot woman in a photo and it sure looked real to me (I want that)"

The only reason she was making out with him anyways was because she was still into him enough (even in spite of his game while he was fooled into believing it was his 'skills')

Sure you may NOT want to hear all this, but I'm here to get you TRANSFORMATION (and liberation) for consensual success with more attractive and awesome free-willed women.  You don't have to like me.

So you still want sex?  Ok.

We're talking about having MORE of it with more the levels of women you want.  But it's when SHE'S into YOU (whether you have the hots for her or not). 
I'm not saying that you would stop facilitating connection with women or even approaching them; we're just focused on the simple unity of sexual attraction and what works (the other details are minor when women are just into you) but if they're not into you at ALL, you're back into no-man's land.

THAT'S when your physical fantasies can actually be fulfilled and you can be liberated, powerful and worry-free about everything.  And have more sex than ever before.  (It takes 2 to tango).

If you want to empower THAT reality, we're getting somewhere (as compared to empowering delusion).
That subtle shift of valuing women being into you more than you being into THEM means everything and is an abnormally MASSIVE leverage point in your life and lifestyle right NOW.

It's not that you can't ever be 'into her' down the road (or that your feelings don't matter); it's about aligning yourself with what works and submitting that her attraction for you actually IS more important if there is to be anything to even start for BOTH of you IN THE PHYSICAL and the physical dynamic of sex.

But if you don't even value it, then I can't really help you and you'll be more 'sold' elsewhere. 
So where DO your values lie?

If you still want a 'mix' of fantasy and reality that's fine but to actually CHANGE your reality so you can have both with power and abundance; you'll have to effectively have at least have 51% valuation of women being into you over you being into them for us to move forward.

Because if you still deeply and ultimately value FANTASY sex over real connection with real and hotter women, then you won't actually make a significant and clear change or transformation where women start responding to you entirely different and opening up to you. 

And I want my clients to have more consistent abundance and attraction success and relationships with women like my TOP ones have.  This means they have to get clear enough to choose and value actual and PHYSICAL connection with women instead of the idea of it.  

However, if do you choose a more empowered path, then your concerns are more how deep you can take 1 relationship or b/c you're care-free and things are FUN, be like what kind of drinks and chips to have at your house party, remember what their names were and remembering what Rion said about the dynamics of having more than 1 woman over at your place.  ("Wait - where did he say that?" Don't worry about that right now):

Simply Value Women Being 'Into' YOU.

It can shift everything and then you empower and integrate THAT reality with transformation and new experience which supports women being sexually into you and receiving it (which is Powerful). 

We're talking CONSISTENT attraction and success with women versus a rare fluke here and there.  All of this will open up your social network to higher quality women as well.

If you ACCEPT that things work with sexual attraction when women are into you and you're tired of games and illusions, we can move forward and swiftly build a new foundation to change your sexual reality with hotter women no matter how dysfunctional yours has been in the past or even how 'independent' she is.

We can rapidly empower the reality of women being into you.

Now, if you DO want that, you probably have types of women you're NOT attracted to as ones that are into you now, but you don't want to settle for less. 

You don't want to be sentenced to the friend-zone or fantasy.

Nor do you want to be resigned to a lesser fate if it's really more up to women than we ever knew or wanted to accept. 

You're going to keep becoming a better man anyways - and you SURE as hell still want to DO something about this specifically.  So what on earth can we do?

Well, really the million dollar question then is;


"How do I get the hotter* women I want into me?"

                               (So things can just work)

The answer is sexual presence.

Hotter being YOUR valuation of it which could be free-spirited, fun, sexy, etc.

And it's WORTH that million when you HAVE it on the sexual level with women!

If you want and value SEX, the sexual component and sexual relationships with more attractive women; the answer to have 'hotter', high quality women into you (so things can finally WORK) is sexual presence.
The solution to get hotter women into you is NOT through more coercion, more game, more self-development, more skillset mastery, more personality, more sub-routines, more body-building, more making money, more social skills, more personal or body confidence, more trying to impress her, more financial success, or MORE wanting of her body, more master-debating in your ruling head with her yoga pants, etc.  Not through 'doing' more of anything really

Besides; you've already tried that stuff and naturals and men that women swoon for aren't 'doing' anything.

It's what women subconsciously respond to in men and how they choose men.

Can you start to visualize it?

You show up with more natural power, presence and confidence so that when you're talking with women (or not talking) you're CONFIDENT without anxieties and they're lighting up around you, want more and can't get enough.

She actually FEELS this power in her body and yes, it can drive her wild.
So the level of women who are into you now (that may not be that good-looking);

It's the SAME dynamic of them being into you; they're just more beautiful, hot, interesting, popular, empowered, attractive, awesome, etc. 

They start noticing and opening up to you when they didn't even SEE you or give you the time of day before.

And you're comfortable, powerful and confident just socializing with and dating hotter women where things are flow - even if you're not as good-looking. 

Partly b/c you don't need anything from them (indifference) so they won't have resistance around you at higher levels of beauty but mostly b/c of sexual presence and how it affects her subconsciously.
All while other men don't get it BECAUSE they're not sexually present with women to be able to communicate with them from power as an equal and naturally trigger her feelings of attraction.

Yes this means that not ALL women will be into you even if you're a master but this is physical reality.

Sure you'll have to know a few BASICS of getting her number to bridge and lead things into getting physical, etc. but that's the natural stuff I can help you out with b/c without her attraction you're running into walls.

Sexual presence is the universal, timeless and unifying factor that women respond to in men

And they do it instantly, unconsciously and effortlessly (think movie stars, bad boys, jerks, naturals) within 1-5 seconds without a conscious choice.  It's something they actually FEEL energetically and physiologically in the presence of a powerful man as a response.

And you've seen women attracted to these men in spite of their different personalities, dysfunctions, looks, social status, etc. 
She'll start expressing her attraction in different ways with all kinds of non-verbal indications of it; flirting, smiling, lighting up, sustained eye contact, glancing down and looking back, laughing, giggling, brushing against you, talking louder to her friends, etc.

Those signs are what you want and what you want to value more than her bending over right in front of you or doing an instant lapdance b/c if she's doing that she probably has some other kind of agenda and she's manipulating you b/c she knows 'what men want'.

And the MORE relative sexual presence you have, the more and more beautiful of women can be powerfully attracted to you (literally without controlling it b/c it's affecting their physiology just being near you). 

That's more of them thinking of YOU, non-consciously responding to you, wanting to get with YOU, wanting to kiss you now, drive a longer distance to stay overnight, etc. - effortlessly without 'game' or coercion.  Like an alpha male reality.

Even what women SAY they want first in a man and respond to is "(sexual) presence" "unshakability" and "confidence".  "There was just something about him (that made her feel attracted non-consciously)".

    It's not even HIM per se they are responding to when they first meet him (b/c they don't know him); it's his PRESENCE on the sexual dynamic with her.

And although there are similarities - we're not talking zen presence, but sexual presence.  You could be into 'The Power of Now' and NOT have sexual attraction with women.
And just because you, naturals and pretty much most all other Western dating experts (including me years ago) previously may not have actually UNDERSTOOD sexual presence or chi energy consciously doesn't necessarily mean that you should continue to remain oblivious, de-value it or bypass it in favor of more struggle, guessing or non-consciousness while you leave things up to 'luck' or fate.  - Well, you could but it wouldn't help you!

Maybe it's time to listen to women and what works - even with my years of experience and clarity BEFORE this (including how to have it directly), this truth has never been more crystal clear. 
  • And now, instead of 'guessing' or acting - we can work on your presence directly for change and major night and day results (keep reading..).

Women were right all along no MATTER how we men want to warp it with our masculine logical minds!

What IS sexual presence? 

It's the (masculine) currency of sex and attraction.

And the more you have of it, the more attraction power you have with women and hotter women.

Take a boy band member's fame away and put him with a woman in a room and you'll get an idea of sexual presence.

It's just what women respond to and it may seem UNFAIR they're picking men not based on logic but this is just how it is; it's sexual and you have to have SEXUAL power to have influence on that level
Knowing about it consciously like this is one thing (and very important at this stage), but the real secret is embodiment and being IN your sexual power with a woman without being thrown off

Otherwise just knowing more, you'd just be a conscious incompetent with women (and I don't think you only value that do you?) 

Although EMBODYING sexual presence is the real sexual currency, still - at this point the awareness for you IS relevant for clarity and making the next move for your transformation of sexual power and success no matter your level of 'personal/ego' power. 

Then we can look at an ultimate solution for your embodiment in as fast a time as possible 

So let's just talk more about presence for now so it can sink in how CENTRAL it is to YOUR future success with beautiful women.

You know that anxiety you get around the real hotties and beauties?

Well, when you're sexually present around them - it doesn't exist.  You're in your BODY and sexual power in the moment instead of being thrown off in the fantasy FUTURE of your head or the programmed stimulus-response conditioning to her hot body and glamour of your PAST.

In the true moment there is no fear or 'other voice' throwing you off.

She can then actually FEEL your power and overwhelming truth of it resonating in her body (and heating her up) when you're near her (including in her chakras but we're not going into that here).

Your PAST problems don't actually EXIST - in the Now

           (No matter their greatness)
In the Truth of Presence, it's impossible for them to - but by not being present you won't have that experience and right now I bet there is a LOT of stuff that is holding you back from BEING present and powerful with beautiful women.  So by knowing how to work with it, you can 'get there' much faster.

With the leverage of Presence you can bypass years of therapy, unworthiness and anxiety as well as the powerful conditioned 'cycles' of fantasy sex attraction. And it's how you can also 'bypass' most all of other Western developed men to be the balanced choice women will compete for.

The women you want are CONGRUENT with power - they ARE powerful, they're not acting it. 

It's very real and what's happening when you get anxiety around hot women is that you're being thrown off by HER presence and power (thus she canNOT naturally feel attraction in you).

Sexual presence gives you equality to that power so the higher level of women can finally relate with you without sensing you want to take something from them.  It was always about power - and they simply relate to men of power except there are far fewer of them now (without abusive tendencies for example).

When you're truly present, your PAST CYCLE conditioning isn't owning you or throwing you off, NOR your future fantasy-land, nor being stuck in your head and worrying about ANYTHING.

She's not picking up that your sub-conscious energy is already 'in the bed' 'ahead of time' with her in your fantasy when you're present. 

Your sub-conscious itself has to become clear and present if you really want to handle this and be more powerful.  (Ironically that's how 'bad boys' get to bed much faster even if it's what they want - they're present and not 'ahead of time').
As a mindtwist as it is (and it's not just semantics); you could only sleep with her in the now anyways - not in the future... so by being sexually present with her (and not IN the future) you're able to 'slow is smooth is fast' develop your relationship connection to more intimate levels.

Being in the future is your fantasy and it's not actually being WITH her which is always in the now.

What level of power and beauty can you relate to right now without being thrown off w/o needing something subconsciously from them?

That will generally and effectively show you your limits of relationships with quality of women.

See..More 'thinking' about how not to think is not the effective solution as you may have already discovered when you're around a beautiful woman - and her congruent POWER.

Sexual presence over-rides her social status; simply by communicating with her proves you are worthy and equal when you're present.

Your ABILITY to be sexually present with a woman (not acting but BEING) is essential to your attraction success

Without presence, you're being RUN and OWNED by everything else that is STOPPING you both consciously and sub-consciously around her beauty (and preventing the actual energetic and physiological connection and relationship between you two).

That value of' you being into her more than her being into you' and the cycle of the matrix is all keeping you from being sexually powerful and present with hotter women b/c your subconscious is taking you out of the moment of connection with her.

Here's a general test of your presence (and power);

Reference you being engaged with a hotter women (don't put a ring on it yet) about 18 inches in front of you facing you with direct eye contact.  This is a real and accurate gauge of your level of sexual presence and power. 

The hotter she is and the more you can sustain powerful sexual presence by not being thrown off or having anxiety, generally the more signs of attraction (to open relationships) you would receive from that relative level of beauty.

(Knowing that is a test of 'engagement' will help you not to feel unworthy just b/c a woman across the gym is seems to be 'ignoring' you). 

So basically if you can't be present with more the level of women you desire, your chances to be with her are slim to none.

Anytime you're 'thrown off' you're not present and almost assuredly she won't feel attraction for you no matter how you try to cover it up or hope she doesn't notice (her body and intuition feels it).

You may think that much of the time you ARE present like around your buddies but in the sexual dynamic around a hot woman, when you're thrown off, you are NOT sexually present (nor POWERFUL) for her to feel attraction.

Yet again - There IS no fear or anxiety WHEN you're truly just PRESENT

Look at it this way;

The level of women you're NOT thrown off by and can sustain presence around;

is about the highest level of beauty you can consistently attract in your life right now.

In other words;

Your DATING POOL itself is effectively limited to the level of woman you can be sexually present with. 

Wow - now do you really want to change this?!  Is it maybe more serious and a deeper value than you thought?  Sure. 

It's about POWER and power is an aphrodisiac.

You will find this gauge to be effectively true with free-willed women and its ACCURACY. 

Women are attracted to men of POWER.  But don't think you have to own a yacht (- that's socio-economic power attraction; we're just focusing on the sexual).

And are you happy with your current level of sexual presence and what you're able to manifest in your life?
"Yes! This is 100% accurate" -Nicole Abundance paraphrased


The hotter she is, the more sexual presence is required of you

And because you're present and comfortable in your skin around 'less' attractive women, those are the ones that can be into you.  But as you become present with hotter ones, you will see the world magically open up to you.
Any of those 7 oversights in that initial PDF could also be in the way of being present with the women you want and thus from receiving attraction, flirting and more dates.

So if you want more attraction from hotter women; from ANY angle you look at it you'd have to become more present and sexually influential anyways - HOWEVER you get there (regardless of whether you work with me or not).

And I'll say it again; chances are that fantasy cycle of attraction and valuing your attraction for her MORE -  are ENTIRELY keeping you from being present.

And women will even TELL you that 'presence' is where it's AT

(and it's what they respond to); yet so many a horny and intelligent man wants to value something else like his logic, fitness, skillset and body instead of what works; sexual presence embodiment (which is energetic and triggers how she feels around you instantly). 

So if you're already evolved on other levels of self; this may be the 1 thing you're really missing.

And we're not talking about women changing - they're already empowered.  YOU have to make the shift to see and experience a different response and reality from women.  They've been empowered for years in areas far beyond men (think glamour and beauty as well as independence after years of oppression).

But sexually you are still the cause b/c this is real sexual attraction in alignment with the creation of life.  She's testing different men and responding to them based on how she feels around his presence.

Only FANTASY works when SHE is the cause of sexual attraction response in YOU because this is about what works sexually in physical reality (no matter how powerful she is).

Women are a response to YOUR level of sexual presence.

Again; Hotter, more in-demand women require you to be at a higher level of sexual presence and power in order to have any connection with you (anytime, anywhere). 

You can evolve your sexual powers but by simply being present and not thrown off, you prove that you are her equal by not doing 'anything'.  Then she can trust you to start opening up around you.  
     Then she can start to feel CONNECTION with you instead of dis-connection.

Think of how foolish it is to have to 'prove' your worthiness by doing something to impress a woman or to try to knock her off her real pedestal to bring her down to your level. 

Sexual presence just IS power and shows up with it - women know and respond to that man. 
Since PUA's generally don't have sexual presence, they feel they have to impress her and 'do' things but she already knows that's NOT it.  Do you want to be THAT guy?  Think of how dis-empowered that really is.  And then if she's even hotter then you have to impress her more?  Nuh-uh.

Here's another wake-up call.  Any and all of your beliefs like;
  • Let me have more social status and THEN I'll be worthy'
  • Let me make more money THEN women will be into me
  • Let me get in with the cool kids first
  • Let me get a better job and move into the better location apartment first
  • Let me roll up in that new car I'm planning to buy
  • When I'm the lead singer and famous then I'll impress her with my mad skills
  • Let me get the perfect body and THEN women will be into me and I'll have sex and success with them
  • Let me work harder at 'x' and THEN I'll get the chicks

Where can you catch yourself saying or believing that?

Well guess what?  That never arrives and that CYCLE continues (illusion) because there is ONLY THE NOW. 

What communication consciously and non-consciously is coming across when you're WITH a woman when 'tomorrow you'll be worthy'? 

              That you're NOT worthy of her right NOW!

Why?  Because you're not PRESENT with her.  And that's the ONLY time you can be successful with her.

Dayaammm...!!  Yeah. 

But the truth of your sexual power alone is that you ARE worthy sexually but you're just not present with it.

So how long can THAT cycle continue?  Success and power must be in the now and without conditions. 

'Tomorrow never arrives' with her when you're not fully present in the moments you meet her.  And if you're not present with ALL of the women you're meeting - wow!  No wonder!

And here's the freaky part you will love or hate me for (either way's ok;)

If you don't find some way to value presence and work on it NOW; when you leave this page, you will be compelled into not only buying what triggers YOUR desires and fantasies for women (which isn't how it works) but you will be back in the cycle of buying into and FOR the future so you still won't be  present with a hot woman in the NOW when you meet her and HAVE to be powerful.

It REINFORCES the cycle that you're not good enough with her.  (Because all SHE knows and experiences with you is now).
"Dayamm you Rion!"

Yep - it's a wake-up call.  But this level of awareness gives you the power to stop your own cycle.  Yes, it IS a powerful position to be in because then others aren't secretly playing Dr. Pavlov to your desires.

If you want hotter women NOW you have to be more present in the NOW relative to their power (presence)

NOW is there more urgency to handle this?  Besides how many more years of the never-ending story and cycle can you actually take?

Now it's very clear when I talk to potential clients that almost all of their problems and issues simply comes down to lack of presence with powerful women and can be RESOLVED with more sexual presence relative to higher levels of beauty.

If you're MEETING a lot of women and things aren't going anywhere > PRESENCE.  The answer isn't in meeting MORE women (hello!) and suffering. 

Think of how delusional that really is!  Of course it's not the words that you say either b/c it is still about how she feels around your presence subconsciously. 

You can say the most basic things like a natural and have more success than ever or know all these hot pick-up lines yet they never work b/c you're still not present with her.
Fortunately, you never even have to worry about what to say when meeting women because that wouldn't be being present anyways and you'd be out of your body doing the talking. 

You probably wouldn't even know that's true if/because you haven't yet been truly present around beauty which further proves how important this is.

If you can't even TALK to a woman of beauty as her equal like how confident and comfortable you are with your friends, how else do you think you can trick her into things when you have real anxiety?  (The PUA approach)

It's all fantasy and you KEEP attracting more fantasy including the fantasy of being with her.

This is a call for you to step into you power and UP to the level of beauty you want to be connected with.

There is NO anxiety when you're in the moment; past and future don't hold you back.  The words WILL be there on faith when you're truly present b/c you're in great power. 
Imagine being powerful and carefree around the hottest women because you're NOT stuck in your thought worlds or influenced by your body's desires to jump her bones!

And this isn't like associating confidently in presence with a beautiful woman like a professional colleague where she isn't into you - but influencing her naturally on the sexual dynamic of power from your SEXUAL presence.

My top clients experience an entire life change by living in real power with hotter women but their primary secret is that they developed their sexual presence to embodiment more directly. 

Now they have advantages beyond naturals and what I'm teaching now is beyond everything previously.
1 of my clients last year was cavorting with a cover model in Hawaii - without 'gaming' her.  He's been doing a lot of the stuff I teach for sexual presence cultivation. 

Others have had wild success like kissing 18 women in a month (when he was hanging out with me some of the time) or having and dating multiple women, women all over them in nightclubs, melting and swooning around their presence, getting power flirting signs from women,  etc. 

But the price of being REAL and in your undiscovered POWER is what's priceless.  Having this power as single gives you the power to have greater connection with ONE woman if dating multiple isn't at all your thing.

Then you can be a man on your path and have women even MORE into you without them being your #1 thing.  The life change stories from men who have already cultivated more of their sexual presence directly are inspiring.
Even if you don't become a client of mine; with the dynamics we're covering, I'm telling you what it'll take to transform with the most leverage in the fastest amount of time.

The faster you can truly GET into the sexual power of NOW, the far better off you'll be - guaranteed. 

                   Again; that's HOWEVER you can get there.

I would shift your ENTIRE strategy, efforts and energy to sexual presence embodiment

Then by just showing up, interacting and being social when you are meeting new women, you won't be jumping out of your skin and you'll instantly be able to see and gauge the new results, attraction, confidence (and phone numbers).

Again; by not being thrown off around her presence, you are testament that you just 'are' powerful and her body will universally respond to men who have this power - even if they aren't her 'type' or what she says she wants in a man (on her online profile, etc.).

The world of more beautiful and attractive women will just open up in front of your eyes vs. ignoring or rejecting all the time!  They'll start coming out of the woodwork and flirting more and more.

Let's view it from another angle.

Remember the times you tried to model, act or mimic great body language, posture or 007 in front of the mirror? 

(Hey, I used to do it too).

That's not it either because you were still thrown off 'out of presence'' around HER presence of congruent power, body, glamour and beauty.

Modeling or acting is NOT working at CAUSE and it's why other solutions that work on the symptoms don't actually change you.

Even modeling archetypes or taking on a 'persona' isn't 'you' because you're not congruent with it at the subconscious level and can still have other value conflicts preventing success (being in the now).

You may have found that repeating affirmations 1000s of times doesn't really help either - esp. when you just value YOUR fantasies and desires for her which are anything but sexually and physically present with a real woman.

If you're tired of ACTING confident and pretending NOT to care or acting like you're not into her when you obviously are; she senses all of this non-consciously.
It's not that you have to pretend you're not interested or act too cool when you really ARE interested; what matters is that she can still respond to your sexual presence because it's about her attraction for you (regardless of your attraction for her).

Sexual and body presence keeps you from jumping out of your own skin and chasing her off and gives you room to RECEIVE attraction from women.

YES - You can 'have' what you want but it won't open up to you until you are powerful enough to receive it and have space to receive it. 

Women WANT you to be present and that's what they respond to anyways.

Women will intuitively respond and give a SIGNAL for a man that it's ok to approach; he can pick up on that signal which she is bouncing back to him and confidently approach without rejection while meanwhile intelligent men are dumbfounded in disbelief b/c it didn't appear to do anything.

When you have more sexual presence women will be giving YOU these signs that it's ok to approach which prevents your rejection and the natural dance of seduction has begun. 

Kissing and making out happens naturally and I can coach you through on those dynamics if you'd have questions or blocks.

Then she can feel you out more non-verbally.  She has to trust you to open up.
Presence of course handles all of your body language communication and eye contact which can't be 'acting' anyways around her hoping she won't see you're faking it.
It doesn't matter HOW you get there to BE it, just so that you're there around the relative level of beauty YOU want in your life (finding and meeting them becomes a fun byproduct and lesser concern also because they'll be showing up in your life more).

Now that we've covered it from different angles -  the reality is; to have more effortless success and connection with undeniably hotter women you're going to have to have more sexual presence anyways -

So how do you GET this actual 'KEY' to the world of hotter women?

Obviously inner game and personal development hasn't really been working as it could (also b/c it's about YOU and not about show she feels around you sexually).


Some men who work at a modeling agency usually start getting far more confident because they're just associating with it more often.  But that may not be the most practical option for you and women could still sense if you're doing something to get something.

One of the best ways to develop sexual presence is to hang out with real naturals with women who already have 'it' ('it' = sexual presence). 

Even though they're unconscious competents, you will start learning and getting embodiment via association.

Several past clients instantly ruled this one out b/c they weren't at the confidence level to befriend a 'social alpha'.

Other than hanging with naturals, you can take long painful and indirect routes that MIGHT at best get you more sexual presence after years of time (body-building, professional acting, leadership in an organization) but more than likely;

You may never get there because because other areas of self-development are entirely indirect at best and irrelevant to SEXUAL power and attraction.

That AND a hotter woman today has very real POWER that transcends who she is on the personal level that you would STILL have to be present around (when she could literally sleep with 1,000,000 men).

Because of her powerful presence and that

Sex and beauty have become meta-physical

beyond just her 'personal' power (with the social power of glamor, sex in advertising, fashion, digital media, beauty, etc.), you're going to have to take this serious to remain sexually present and even relevant for the congruent META-physical SEX power of beautiful women today.

The SECOND she's posted an instagram photo of herself or tweeted it, she's already gone meta-physical and her own power and influence (presence) has reached into another dynamic of power leveraged by the conditioning of 'the machine' itself.

You can have it all together; personally confident, natural confidence, successful professionally and connected to your sexuality yet STILL experience disconnection from socially powerful women b/c sex is largely meta-physical.

Today's women just carry a LOT of power that transcends their personal self.

And if you DON'T handle this and work on the meta-physical levels of sex yourself to compare and BE powerful and relevant for her; you may realistically be stuck with settling for less because your dating pool is still effectively limited to the level of beauty you can be sexually present around - (and the attraction those women could feel for you).

And when you're frustrated because even AVERAGE WOMEN have this attitude, power, confidence about themselves, it's all reflecting to you that you may have to take this resolution more seriously to evolve as a man to finally be the man women can desire and be into (even compete for because you're so real, powerful and in-demand by OTHER women who are into you).

At this point you can continue the other things you've been doing (of which you may realize have mostly been self-destructive and COUNTER productive) or in otherwise best hopes - keep pursuing the path of indirectly working on improving yourself to maybe get sexual attraction here and there

OR you can work on your sexual presence (the masculine currency of sex) for results directly starting NOW

So you can start seeing radically improving results very fast to attract more of the women you want.

The power out there hotter women hold is VERY real and if you don't STEP UP into your own greater power, it may continue to pass you by while you're not even relevant to them and it may very well be more rejection and dis-interest. 

Beauty will most likely elude you and remain a fantasy like the machine wants even IF you keep improving your inner game and 'personal' sexual confidence or skills.

Remember - It's about power and to BE powerful and sexually present with her, we can now do some very transformational things that will open the world of ACTUAL power and beauty up to you as worthy of all of it.

Stepping up to this will change who you are b/c you can't be 'small' or disempowered anymore.

Now, we've got VAST advantages and leverage that naturals don't have as you'll soon discover.  (I have to put humility aside right here to say NO ONE compares to my awareness on the dynamics and meta-physics of sex, power and influence for transformation - which you can have in your court).

Then, the rest of dating becomes fun because you don't have to have 'game' when she's just INTO YOU.

So thanks for reading this; hopefully all of this gave you much more CLARITY and now you have an opportunity to work directly on the transformation and embodiment itself.

If you do want to move forward, fortunately, the meta-physics of sex, sexual presence cultivation, sexual polarity and sexual attraction is what I have become the undisputed Western authority on so we can make this transformation of your reality and experience to that which is in alignment with your sexual power and truth in the moment with hotter women so they can be into you.

I'd love to help you transform on a level so profound and real as a sexual man that it puts other struggles you've gone through in your past.

So....if you accept that
  1. Women have to be into you for things to work
  2. Her attraction isn't a logical choice
  3. Sexual attraction is sexual and she may NOT be into you even if you are highly developed and keep improving in other areas (socially, career, comedy, personality, body, money, fame, indifference*, etc.)
  4. You VALUE women being into you moreso than continuing the 1-way fantasy and cycle of having YOUR sexual feelings being more important than hers upfront (or are willing to make that change)
  5. You're not into trying to coerce or manipulate a woman's intuition into feeling attraction for you (anymore or at all) so you can 'trick' her into getting laid or a relationship (so you win and she loses, forfeits or regrets it)
  6. As a man you WANT to BE more powerful, aligned, evolved, conscious and embodied in this area specifically (sex and sexual attraction) to complement and help the rest of your life (succeed) - it's what feels right to you in your evolution
  7. You're tired of modeling, acting, even telling yourself affirmations which (in this case) feel like lies, 'faking it til you make it' and just plain not seeing bigger results
  8. You value REAL connection with higher quality women including for long-term relationships and are open to an entirely new calibre of what's possible for you no matter what's happened in your past
  9. You're tired of the online hype and the 'cycle' of sex sells.  You want to break out of the matrix and just want something REAL with results you can validate in expanding experience
  10. You accept that each hotter woman isn't always going to be 'pantingly hot' the instant she sees you and will more realistically and usually give you a light yet very real sign of interest (which means EVERYTHING so things could develop very fast esp. the more present you are)
  11. And if you're ready for something new while putting your past behind you while taking on more empowering belief systems that WILL get you results

AND if you are willing to invest in yourself then you're in the right place to radically turn your life around with attractive women no matter how much you've suffered! 

Sexual presence for sexual attraction is what I am THE leading authority in and master of.  And I'd love to help move you into embodiment.


SPX: Sexual Presence Transformation

8-Week Training & Transformational Coaching For Real Sexual Attraction From Hotter Women

It's a culmination of my BEST transformational stuff and massive experience coaching (and dating attractive women from dozens of countries) in a special format designed to get you far more embodiment while removing the deeper blocks that are stopping you - all in 1 powerful transformational solution.

You WILL have more confidence and attraction from women with this.  You will be a more powerful and aligned man without acting or faking it.

It's so important for me to replicate the success of my TOP clients that this that this is what I'm focusing on now for men like you to get BIG change - I've even stopped making dating products.

With SPX (previously called Natural Man Genesis), you get access to me in a multi-media and 8-week virtual coaching format designed for major and lasting results.

Now, you do have to be qualified b/c this is a success machine and I don't want 1/2 committed men to taint the quality of the group!  The success of your peers will help you to transform also while saving a lot of money on my hourly rates for 1-on-1.

With that said.

Really all you have to know to move forward is that you want RESULTS and feel it's right for you as the next step.  However, because this is an investment I'm including more of the insight into the actual program itself if you want to know more of the details.

The more successful you and the other men are, the more successful I am and the more attractive this will be for others to join.  I'm here for YOUR breakthroughs.

It's required that we have a 1-on-1 discovery chat to make sure it's a fit for you 
By me introducing more of the details here, it will save us time if and when we get on a call together.

Now; this is not a definitive or all-inclusive overview but does cover much of what you'll experience.

Features, Benefits & More Details


Power Intro:

  •    We start it off strong with an overview and what you can expect already priming you and assuming massive transformation

Sex & Attraction: You're Already a Pro

  •    You're already a professional at attracting and manifesting sex; it's just in a different understanding, definition and valuation of what you're conditioned to believe it is.  Our inaugural audios will set a life-altering clarity like you've never had so that we can get you a conscious awareness of what these programs are and then move in the program into re-aligning your sex body so that you can attract and manifest something new with women
  •    Most modern Western men are attracting fantasy sex because of social values, conditioning and programming...we've got a lot of powerful work to do to transform what you're attracting on the sexual and subconscious level so 'conscious' inner game won't cut it.

19 Definitions & Valuations of Sex

  •    Your cause of uncontrollable anxiety, frustration is simply a values conflict of what sex and sexual attraction 'is' to you on the subconscious levels
  •    Remember we talked about the values of fantasy sex above?  There could also be other value conflicts of sex and attraction that you have deeply embedded or conditioned on the sub-conscious (out of awareness) level - like religious beliefs, social programs, etc. We're going to make conscious and overview the 19+ belief systems and values of sex that I and our clients have discovered that have affected and influenced what they attract 'as sex' in their lives
  • Without working on your values of sex at the core, you're going to continue to be confused with all of the superficial actions like affirmations, positive thinking, faking it 'til you make it and going against massive resistance b/c your subconscious owns you here
  • You'll get clarity on exactly which values and belief systems have been running your life
  • Group members have already added a good dozen or so more belief systems of sex that are secretly at cause to what they are attracting - we work on removing these later in the program

Sexual Vs. Inner Game Outlook

  •   Believe it or not, inner game is its own belief system and value of sexual attraction..the thing is, inner game has done more damage than good b/c it's personal/ego and not sexual!  We work on the sexual and subconscious levels
  •  First we will make things conscious into your awareness to prepare transformation for on those levels.  Yet, even being aware as a conscious incompetent can make things more frustrating.  We have to start moving you into embodiment itself and fast. 
  • Again; your actual issues to get sexual attraction with hotter women effortlessly are on deeper levels; sexual and emotional sub-consciousness (that which you're not aware of).  You can want something consciously and never get it b/c your subconscious is running the show
  •    The power of the Force of Life of sex energy itself CRUSHES the damaging and limiting belief of sexual attraction as ego and inner game - I will practically open you up to this power so you can finally experience real change
  • Because I used to be 'the thinking man's dating coach' I've had to overcome my own ego's challenges in being able to get into my own 'sexual power', presence and 'body' - you can leverage my experience in overcoming your own challenges that most dating experts wouldn't have any real insight about answering in this area


Sexual Reality PDF

  •    This transformational and life-changing insight report as part of our program will help provide a framework for your transformational and make it painfully clear and obvious to as exactly where you are with sexual attraction and women, so that you can finally STOP wandering lost around in circles for years
  •    It's based on the analogy of being lost in a desert and you could know WHERE you want to go but if you don't know where you ARE you could wander around forever.  We just have to look at where you REALLY are (instead of you always wanting to be somewhere you're not) for a short time so we can then get traction and move on
  •    It will also give you insight into the actual EXPERIENCE of sexual reality at levels above and below where you're at which you may have never even thought was possible.  I have been through all of these from Apathy to Un-natural, Purgatory to beyond Natural with women.
  •    You're not limited to your current experience of sexual reality - it's not who you really are.  The clarity in this report and the group format which will allow me to see where you're at will be relieving on its own and may for the first time give you hope that change IS possible (remember you can't resolve it from your current level of conscious experience - which is why you're joining this program)

Spiritual Logic, Higher Sexual Consciousness & Spirituality of Sex

  •    The TRUTH will set you free and just like in my audio Powerliminals, you're getting to leverage my experience and embodiment of higher sexual truth as well as a conscious awareness of what will set you free (and free around hotter women). 
  • Anything that ISN'T the truth will keep you in bondage, enslaved and in continued frustration and anxiety.  You can look at the state of the dating industry (and the marketing of sex that is keeping you AWAY from truth) and find that at best there are naturals who have embodiment but it's limited to the social or physical and they don't really have a conscious awareness of WHY they are successful with women
  • This spiritual logic and embodiment is embedded and integrated in the program for your transformation.  Because without it, you will keep on thinking and feeling that 'this doesn't feel right, this isn't really it, I'm still confused, etc.'
  •    Once you're exposed to your greater sexual truth and my embodiment of masculine and creative sexual truth/embodiment and presence, you won't be able to turn back - unless you're still attached or programmed to fail (and we will continue to heal and transform those in the program - also why you're joining)

Sexual Healing

  •    This is simply a part of the program.  Your anxieties don't actually exist in a higher subjective experience so as you go through, you will be releasing (and I can assist) with your own releasing of remaining anxieties as you move from un-natural into pre-natural with women
  •    We will also have the definitive power and tools to remove all sexual traumas, anxieties, additions, depression, unworthiness, etc. by moving you into a higher experience aligned with your greater sexual truth itself (spiritual logic); this transforms your sexual confidence like night and day at the CORE expressing outwards vs. working on it like acting or modeling
  •    All (non-physical) healing is through higher consciousness because problems don't exist from above the problem.  By integrating practically the spiritual logic of sex (for 1 ie; that you ARE worthy to procreate with women on the physical level) you will find that the problem doesn't even exist at a higher level of subjective experience; my embodiment and presence of this alone can change your life
  •    I don't have the same issues that you have anymore because of this which means I can help you transform as well.  Just hearing the truth will resonate with something inside of yourself and it's probably what attracted you to me in the first place - I can get you that result in helping reveal the unlimited sexual power and presence you have untapped within you so you can BE more sexually attractive and powerful as the GOOD choice of women where you can have a reality beyond anything you previously thought with women and live in true abundance with beauty
  • Sexual Bank Embodiment Analogy: We have to entrain your subconscious to have an entirely new valuation of sex that is in alignment with what actually works with physical women.  If you have years of conditioned programming and association with fantasy sex, we've got some heavy stuff to do to give your subconscious a new valuation and experience so that it can automatically attract something new

Transformational Experience

  •    In this immersive virtual group coaching and training program you're leveraging my experience as a leading pioneering expert and experienced transformational coach for single men
  •    I've resolved my own issues and anxieties with hotter and beautiful women when I felt that inner game and a pick-up artist approach didn't feel right
  •    You're leveraging my own level of consciousness (which can be calibrated on Dr. Hawkins Scale) as well as my experience with real women and dating in the U.S. and globally
  •    I've personally hung out with the best known naturals and dating experts online; they've seen me anxiety-free around women and getting numbers, etc.
  •    All of my live clients have seen sexual attraction from women and me and many have life-changing breakthroughs doing our sexual presence techniques or at live events entirely changing their reality with women
  •    You're also leveraging my mastery via association simply being around my level of sexual confidence, knowing, reality and experience with women and alignment with Life as an awakened natural so that you can transform much faster and by default on the non-conscious level WHILE you're soaking in the training.  This works automatically by the Law of Resonance because my energy field and consciousness is raising your vibration and healing your apathy and woes just by association
  •   In my presence, you're also getting my past legendary workshop experiences and history in transforming other men's lives (1 of those sold for $5000) and things ONLY improve with me....the most recent stuff is going to be the most powerful and advanced level

"..Not only is Rion 100% comfortable and confident around women with absolutely no trace of anxiety, but he enjoys interacting with them.. He barely even says anything. I don't think I have ever been in the presence of someone who genuinely loves women more than Rion. He truly lived up to the hype just like I expected he would.” Matt W., R.I.

  •    You're also leveraging my experience in producing the transformational Powerliminals which are far beyond other audio meditations in transformational effect esp. in the sexual area (where I pretty much OWN it)
  •    You're leveraging my past experience as a top 3 natural dating coach for men who has never violated the integrity in 8.5 years of coercing or manipulating women
  •    You're getting the evolution of the dating industry all in ONE transformational program that is focused for you and your results in a format that will actually help you make the change vs. figuring it out on your own so you can just get authentic power and results with women while handling your inner game and anxiety issues with women

Sex Transmutation Overview

  •    What is sexual transmutation & how relevant and powerful it is for transforming your sexual body and consciousness to trigger instant attraction in women even if you've had everything working against you all these years on deeper levels (porn*graphy & masturbation is sex transmutation working against you and attraction with real women)
  •    You'll have a foundational understanding of what we're doing with sexual alchemy so you can dive right into the sexual presence, sexual polarity and embodiment techniques to transform your sexual power into compelling natural attraction from hotter women
  •    Coming from me - the experienced Western master of sex transmutation and sexual alchemy so you can save years of time trying to figure it out yourself while sex transmutation is largely still a mystery to the rest of the world.

4 Life-Changing Valuations of Sex

  • We will start to re-program your subconscious with these aligned values of attraction so you can automatically get the results you've desired with women

Sexual Attraction Chi Kung


Internal Orgasms

  •    It took me a year to get this priceless technique down to separate ejaculation from orgasm; you're outlook is to get it handled in less than 8 weeks - leverage the coaching access

Multi-Internal Orgasms

  • This will give you more power to automatically attract women subconsciously without thinking of it - as we align you with the rest of the program
  • I can't guarantee you'll get this technique down but we will dive into it

Traditional Natural Grounding

  •    Traditional Natural Grounding is already the #1 sexual attraction 'technique' or 'method' in the world.  1000's of men have used it to experience more sexual attraction with real women, heal their sexual anxiety issues, cure unworthiness, get girlfriends and much more
  • We have literally 100's of testimonials from over the years with Natural Grounding and how it's helped single men around the world have more attraction from women - a sexual presence technique that I founded that works directly with the sexual polarities - so with the group coaching aspect you get to go straight to the source itself to ensure maximum momentum
  • In our program around Week 5 we're going to IMMERSE you into Core Natural Grounding multi-media training + me doing very powerful basic Natural Grounding that you can use to leverage my experience and just start getting results through association while learning directly from the founder & top master
  • I have about 8000+ hours of actual Natural Grounding experience - more than anyone so you can leverage a TON of time via association so you can just start getting results and transformation right away (which is expected)


Chi Natural Grounding

  •    Not only do we work with sexual polarity (yin and yang) on the conscious levels to transform your consciousness and sub-consciousness sexually to get women NATURALLY into you from who you are, but we now work on the chi energy and 'life force' levels itself with Natural Grounding to REALLY make powerful changes
  •    I have integrated Eastern Chi Kung into my mastery of Natural Grounding for something entirely upgraded and empowered.  Qi NG (or Chi NG) is the primary technique of the open methodology of Sexual Attraction Chi Kung
  •  Using Chi NG and you will feel and work on the life force levels of sexual attraction itself and CULTIVATE your attraction power WITH the divine feminine so that when you meet them, hotter women feel this natural attraction to you - I will get you going with it in the program

Sexual Transformation With Law of Resonance

  •    I'm the world authority and go-to experienced expert in this area and my history will just bring you the fastest results.  With the group coaching and access you get to me, you'll be able to get answers straight from the source.  
  • I'm the most consciously competent in the world in this area with media which is a fun way to transform yourself by attuning to those with a higher experience of reality (and level of consciousness)

Western Natural Grounding

The Ultimate Technique For Connection With Socially Powerful & Independent Western Women + Rapidly Becoming a Socially Cool Guy
  •    Once you are aligned into a proper valuation and sex in alignment with physical sexual attraction and resolving your issues with a traditional Natural Grounding outlook of sexual polarity, then we can get into more advanced sexual attraction with empowered, socially valuable Western women - all with Western NG
  •    Today's hot and independent women may be OUT of sexual alignment themselves and only feel attraction for harder core bad boys and jerks, but when you have sexual presence AND remove your own social and personal power projections towards women of social power, glamor and beauty - the world of Western women will open up to you before your eyes with our power technique of WNG
  •    WNG transforms you at the deeper core removing your projections of social disempowerment and disconnection from a woman's social power, glamour and beauty on the social dynamic of power
  • In order to have massive social value and power yourself, you simply have to embody acceptance of other socially powerful people; I've taken this on for the entire West and all Western women (that which I had a LOT of blocks about for some years) - it's about powerfully releasing your own projections that are keeping you disconnected from their ACTUAL embodiment and expression of power as we're all coming from source consciousness
  • WNG will make you a FAR more socially acceptable, powerful and cool man by changing your vibe at the core so that when hot, empowered women MEET YOU in those 1-5 seconds that won't feel the dis-connection that they used to before and instead will be accepting b/c you are accepting of them at the deepest levels - then they can feel your sexual presence


"My first thought was: "What the hell... he got xxx Dollars for this simple audio and video file?" (on the original WNG program) But then after listening to your audio and just began with the video (I'm not finished yet) I became a turbo motivation to clear out everything. Started with people I already know, with good friends, with my family and now I'm doing a clearing with Lady Gaga. I also started with porn stars. It's great.

People already look different at me and much more energy is coming back to me. It seems, like I was holding back so much energy while I projected it on other. Thank you".             -Claude


  •    WNG is an absolutely priceless technique and you'll want to leverage the group coaching access to me because it is YOUR GATEWAY to sexual attraction with empowered and socially hot Western women - even if you have sexual embodiment, without working on THESE types of social power on the subconscious levels, hotter women could STILL be disconnected from attraction with you
  • WITHOUT a proper sexual alignment to what works with women and sexual attraction FIRST you're going to be confused as ALL HELL because you're going up against the non-sexual social and personal power of our Western women (and you may just end up becoming more 'social' by doing other socially savvy training while still actually being dis-empowered and NON-sexual on the deeper levels


"So, I've gone through the video portion a few times and the audio portion once, .. I was pleasantly surprised to see that what you call WNG is NOTHING like I thought it would be, and it's probably, in truth, exactly what I needed.

This is some real "coming full circle" stuff. I haven't felt this powerful and grounded in myself in quite a while. This program, upon my first few impressions, really hit me in the gut, and I'm sure it'll really help with my growth as a man and a person going forward."  -GM



The Power of Presence

  •    Sexual presence is THE magic key to unlimited attraction and success with women and the MORE you have of it, the more powerful and valuable you are to women on this level.  Here we focus on the power of presence itself
  •    I have paid to study from supporting masters in this area

Sex/God Presence Powerliminal

  •    Easily the most relevant, advanced and transformational audio program and meditation of its kind for sexual presence. 
  • Many spiritual teachers have taught presence but SEXUAL presence is a bit different b/c many into spirituality devalue or transcend sex entirely.
  •    Although the Sex/God will be sold separately as its own resource; you get it for free as part of this program around your Week 5 because it is so relevant to your sexual presence cultivation and embodiment
  •    Keep using this resource and everything will start coming together for you with the other techniques - all directly relevant for a truly magnetic and sexy vibe that hotter women will be compelled to beyond explanation
  •    Because (your) sexual power is unlimited, the more you use this, the more sexual presence and attraction power you can have (which is good because the hottest women have a lot of power themselves and finally you'll be able to resonate with them)

Rion in Enlightened States of Sexual Presence*

  •    Along with a proper framework (so you know HOW to use it and why); this is worth the price of admission ALONE (but you get much more anyways, all of which is strategic for your transformation)
  •    This is 'the magic' and what sets me apart from the crowd anyways (there's not even a crowd because we're just so pioneering in this area, but it's even more compelling).  Because it's so transformational (and spiritually connected), It's also why I'm so expensive b/c you can experience major change in very short time.  I've developed a powerful (possibly unrivaled?) sexual consciousness and connection with the divine feminine when I get into my 'power' session work
  • My states are incredibly powerful (I broke 2 chairs from 'The Force') and probably beyond what you can imagine or expect even if you understand it consciously; this will affect your vibrational frequencies and automatically attune you to higher levels of sexual power and connection

 The event completely changed my life.  It has been about a week since the event and I am still on cloud 9....I am so glad that I went.  It was just amazing spending 3 complete days with Rion and everyone else that went to the live event.” -Marc,    FIXMig1   - Austin 2011


  •    You don't normally see this but it's in these peak moments that men have had LIFE CHANGES at our live events.  It took me a few years to isolate what was the major transformation point for them and THIS is it
  •    You GET some of these timeless and priceless power points in the program which will do much of the transformation just being associated with it on its own no matter how sucky your reality has been.  Even if you don't understand what's going on, this stuff is going to make major transformation on your 'body' and competence itself (I can't guarantee I'll break a chair during these clips though)

 "Rions material is the most advanced form of personal development for men because it fuses established Western techniques with ancient Eastern wisdom.  His material can be called the Tao of Sexual Atraction

His power tools are the only known methods that can transform you from the inside out because they recondition your sexual core through holistic re-conditioning.  If you continue to use the tools with all facets of who you are you can release all of your blocks, have more control over what influences you, and ultimately become the Natural Alpha Man that you were born to be.

Meeting Rion and seeing his dynamic person is priceless. Transformation is easier when you can see (experience) his conditioned holistic approach live, especially the power grounding session on Saturday night;  ...will open doors to unlimited personal growth if you open up in all different areas of who you are.  Not only will it help you with your relationship with women but it will help you find your Purpose and increase your intensity.. for Life"  -Joe, California  FIXMig1, Austin


  •    Being around my energy is transformational (even on audio and video) because the Law of Resonance even without your conscious awareness.  Conscious power is carried in the non-physical medium of digital media b/c everything is energy to affect you emotionally, sexually, etc. to alter your state of consciousness more aligned with the greater truth of your power
  •   When you associated with THESE levels of sexual power, it's going to transform and raise your frequency....I've already DONE the heavy lifting, now you can leverage this for the MOST results in the SHORTEST possible period of time
  •    Strategically placed in the 2nd 1/2 of the program which you can continually use as resources after the program; imagine how many actual years or decades you can save with this!...just last week I was in a powerful state of presence doing had never felt that ......she was 1/2 way around the world.  But that's the power of media that we can now leverage.

Chi Yang Work

  •    This is an important part of the program and I will get you working with your yang chi (qi / ki) life force energy so that you can naturally influence a woman's yin from your presence; by getting in touch with it and sensing it you will start to feel the power that she may or may not feel - different techniques we will cover that you can continually use
  •    Different natural grounding techniques to get more into your masculine weight and sexual power whether you look like a body-builder or not - so women can FEEL your masculine power and presence in the essence of who you are on the non-conscious levels (again, this stuff means everything)
  •    It isn't about acting or LOOKING macho, 'built' or being a cliche (I don't look the most macho); you probably know men who keep working out and women aren't into them
  •    We all have a balance of masculine and feminine energies - it's about what makes HER feel, respond and light up which is both a connection to your masculine yang power on the emotional, sexual, spiritual and physical levels (I'm like a Western champion of emotional and sexual) and your connection to her divine feminine.  It's beyond your eyes what SHE responds to which is why you'll just see women naturally light up around me and my presence when they wouldn't for many a bodybuilder
  •    Projecting your yang chi energy - some Master's can turn out a candle from projecting their yang.  I've broke a chair (2 now) sitting still and rested my hand on air because of 'The Force'...we will get you started with it (I haven't had enough candles around to practice yet)
  • Remember all of this is so you don't HAVE to worry about what to say or pursuing women but can simply facilitate the connection because what matters is that she is into you and the more sexual presence you have, the more a woman can be into you and irresistibly be drawn to YOU (and the more compelling you will be towards hotter women)

Chi Yin Work

  •    We'll also be training and working on the life force energy level with yin chi.  This is important and a big breakthrough to finally be able to sense this energy.  By cultivating your connection to Mother Earth and the divine feminine with chi yin life force energy you'll be able to build your power on the sexual level itself with the yin energy within women (leading to powerful attraction as a byproduct of your cultivation)
  • Yin Receiving - this is an advanced Jedi-like technique to have women into you instantly and powerfully
  •    Once you learn how to connect with yang masculine chi, I will train you on connecting to yin (divine feminine) chi.  There are techniques you can use to cultivate attraction at the life force level (to be more in alignment with life yourself, not as a 'trick') so that when you are around women, their chi will start sensing your power and alignment.
  • As far as we know, I'm the first one in the world to take chi energy work into sexual attraction.  It's coming from my background as a master of sexual polarity with consciousness, so although I'm not a Qi Gong Master, I advanced very rapidly when I started working with it in 2013 and integrating it into what we do which you could globally call as 'sexual attraction chi kung'.

Chakra Work for Sexual Attraction

  •    As a part of sexual attraction chi kung we are able to work on your energy centers themselves not only for personal wellness but for healing and allowing powerful attraction with women in HER chakras.
  •    Your energy centers are telling the truth of who you are and this is what she is subconsciously sensing, feeling and intuiting no MATTER how many men try to devalue, filter or favor logic over presence.  By working on this level, she will be able to feel you in HER chakras to sense and know your actual power (all beyond your looks, social status and money). 
  • This is important to work with chakras directly for your sexual presence power (the currency of sex)
  •    We will include video work on your chakras so you can allow your life force to flow more freely instead of being blocked
BTW:   Do naturals have to work on this for attraction? 

No.  Are you natural right now in your experience with women?  No.  By working on this you have the potential for unlimited personal and creative growth, vitality, wellness and other forms of attraction and success as well that they wouldn't get into.

Meeting Women & Dating


Mastery of the Natural Basics

  •    So when you start getting more of this real attraction from hotter women, THEN WHAT?.....well, I won't leave you without a bridge
  •    Remember that none of it really matters if a woman isn't into you but now that you've gone through the program to HAVE more women actually into you PLUS my mastery of fearlessly approaching and meeting women (directly, socially, cold, etc.) you'll have something more that can bridge things for dating success with the hotter women you want coming out the gate!
  •    I'll even thrown in the Fearless Approach Powerliminal which will help you to gauge a woman's interest or attraction for you within 3-5 seconds
  •    I'll also throw in the Getting Physical Powerliminal to help lock in and guide your values of attraction from here

12 Weeks Group Coaching Access to Me

  •    ANY questions you have I'm guaranteed to answer in our format
  •    Questions that aren't answered in the secret FB group or that you want to keep more private, you can ask me in FB chat

4 Q&A Calls

  •    Plus, because the 8 week is a rolling group coaching program, I'll make sure you have access to the Q&A call archive for all members before you

Secret FB Group

  •    Concerns about privacy?  Don't worry's secret so only me and the other group members can know about it
  •    Openly use it to bring up new questions during your 8 weeks the program
  •    Full access to the entire history so you can leverage past blocks and breakthroughs of previous and ongoing peers - this alone...

Credit for full year group coaching + live workshops upgrade

It may not be for you b/c we will be doing a lot within the 8 weeks, however if you DO desire ongoing access for your evolution - so I can watch your improvements and help you through any blocks, it's something to be aware of now

If you decide to extend or upgrade to a full year of access or live events within your 8 weeks you can use the entire investment as a credit towards qualified ongoing/upgrade coaching.  We can talk on the phone with any questions you may have.

And More


Let's Wrap It Up

How important is this area of life to you?
  • How much money have you spent in the past when you really just wanted hotter women into you AND sexual relationships with them?
  • What price can you put on being free and not having your subconscious OWN you? 
  • On having no anxiety?  On approaching the hottest women if you want to and getting attraction from them?

Remember, men will 'buy' into sex in so many different ways to try to impress, court or impress women or to become better men themselves and spend enormous time, effort and even fortune into it.  

I think you'd agree that you can't put a price on a free-willed quality woman that YOU want to have real attraction and interest in you.  That is something money cannot buy.

This program is shamelessly the world's best, most direct and relevant solution (and the best you could ever find) on this topic of becoming that man that hotter women feel instant attraction for.

The BENEFITS of going through this transformational program will continue to grow and reap as you invest in yourself.  It will affect every area of your life and many changes will be permanent while expanding you to entirely new possibilities as a sexier, confident man with women.

When you're aligned and hotter women are into you, you have more confidence, power, attraction, effective communication (verbally and non-verbally) and SUCCESS.

As compared to trying to fool or manipulate a woman's intuition, when you go through this 8 week transformation you'll be more aligned with your purpose and power so you can attract a high quality woman for a long-term relationship who loves you for you and how she feels around you - with NO manipulation or childish games like PUA's.

I view this as the ultimate natural-generating 'MACHINE' with the high-value aspect of real coaching access to me to help you through it (and at a fraction of the cost).

If you're still hesitant and thinking about it view it this way; the dilemma you face the instant you leave this page without committing to your transformation and power is 5-Fold;
  • Naturals including the few in the dating industry who have women into them b/c they embody sexual presence are generally non-conscious on actually teaching sexual presence - the ONE thing that actually works for them so you end up modeling, reciting or acting the 'techniques'  they're teaching and it doesn't work for you b/c it's like working on the symptoms and putting a band-aid on for a deeper wound
  • The social Matrix of 'sex sell's Sex in advertising and the seduction industry wants to sell you more on your fantasy desires for women AND it's selling you on becoming a better man indirectly with their products and for the FUTURE (instead of becoming the man women want NOW which doesn't 'cost' a thing or move business)
  • Tao and Qi Gong masters who cultivate sexual presence value personal vitality and longevity over raw sexual attraction and polarity...
  • Spirituality like Eckhart Tolle that values presence is often entirely absent, transcending and de-valuing of SEXUAL presence.  Things like valuing stillness and zen meditation can help you to get more out of your head YES but you may still have unresolved issues around hot women that will still take you out of presence.  Bluntly; all the zen in the world isn't getting you laid or forming a fulfilling relationship
  • And the Seduction industry and Pick-up artists still care more about their fantasies with women and getting something through manipulating a woman b/c those women didn't feel attraction for them so they started an entire movement to force what already doesn't work (no wonder it's so difficult and torturing)
  • Even if you hang out with women and they talk a LOT with you about this stuff - it's still their CONSCIOUS minds which may not at all be saying what their subconsciousness is responding to in men(all of it can go out the door around a sexually present man),

So just be aware of all of that to make an intuitive AND then educated decision here.  Either way I hope that your reading of this has been invaluable.  You may want to print it out and go over it more to get new clarity. 

But remember, you can 'know' it all but embodiment is where it's at and is what this program is designed for.

Now, if you're serious about sexual attraction (and success) with more the women you want; what's the investment in yourself?
That's what we can talk about on the phone but I want to get to know you some more first and make sure it IS the next thing for you.  I've talked to other men and for some it isn't.  I've always turned men away from it b/c they weren't in a space for this big of a transformation.

Remember, you'll get 4 Group Q&A calls with me (as well as any of the previous recorded calls). 

Our secret Facebook group for unlimited posting as well as FB chat access to me along with 8 weeks of multi-media transformational content to move you directly towards sexual attraction results with more authentic sexual power and presence. 

If the investment is too much for you, we can work out a pay plan.

Once I see your deposit or payment in full, I'll get you full access.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Here's the link to set a complimentary call to ask me any questions or want more details about the program.

There is no obligation by getting on the phone with me but it will help us to both see if this is a good fit.  I hope you'll join the other men who are changing their lives!


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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Is this a refundable program?
How can I confirm it's right for me?
Will we be partying with hot girls?
Is this like acting, modeling or 'faking it til you make it'?
(I've already tried a lot of stuff out there and it's not given me big breakthrough)
What if I'm already doing Natural Grounding & using Powerliminals?
Do you have a pay plan?
(I might have to move some money around as it's still a significant investment)